Air Conditioners, Winston-Salem, NC

Call on us for quality you can trust for providing and servicing air conditioners in the Lewisville area.

When it comes to having the best possible air conditioners to choose from for your Lewisville, North Carolina home or business, you won’t go wrong by calling us at Piedmont Sheet Metal. We are a certified Lennox dealer with decades of experience to assist you with finding the right equipment for your needs.

Air Conditioners in Lewisville, North Carolina

You can have confidence when you come to us for air conditioners because we’ve had plenty of years of experience to learn which systems are the most reliable and efficient. It is no surprise that we settled on one of the most trusted brands in the industry. We’ve worked on a huge variety of different HVAC systems over the years, so when we say that the state-of-the-art technology that goes into Lennox air conditioners makes them a great choice, it is based on more than hype and marketing. The engineering perfection that gives you reliability, a long life, and maximum control over energy costs will make you happy with your decision for many years to come.

We are proud to say that many of our employees have been with us for over 25 years. With so little turnover, it is safe to say we are doing something right. What that means to you is that you can expect expert installation of air conditioners, as well as the maintenance and repair services that air conditioners require from time to time. With our signature service and dedication to excellence, we are confident you’ll be coming back to us for all your heating and air conditioning needs. Call today with any questions you may have.

Air Conditioners in Winston-Salem, NC