Heat Pumps, Winston-Salem, NC

We are equipped to recommend new heat pumps when your current heating and cooling system is not providing the solutions you require in Winston-Salem.

Heat Pumps in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Heat pumps are often an incredibly efficient and reliable form of heating and cooling for homes and businesses. When well-maintained, heat pumps can last for many years and help to ensure energy efficiency and comfort through every season in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. At Piedmont Sheet Metal, we understand that having the proper heating and cooling for your property is an essential part of what makes each day go smoothly, and we can assist with heat pumps in just about any application.

As certified Lennox dealers, we are knowledgeable about the residential and commercial heat pumps that will serve your home or business best and provide the maintenance and repair servicing that will keep your system working well year after year. We also think you’ll find our recommendations for new heat pumps are ideal when your current heating and cooling system is not providing the solutions you require. Whether your heat pump has aged out, needs a replacement part, or requires routine servicing to keep it working well, you’ll find our team at Piedmont Sheet Metal prepared to provide answers and solutions to meet your needs.

Having a highly qualified and experienced team to provide the heating and cooling services you need can go a long way to ensuring your peace of mind. At Piedmont Sheet Metal, we have more than eight decades of experience providing lasting results for our customers, and many of our team members have been with us for more than two decades. If you are looking for a heating and cooling company, or if you have questions about the heat pumps that will work best for your home or business, call on us today.

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